I have been feeling pretty good lately, and just wanted to post an update to spread hope. Its more often that you read about how bad someone is doing with lyme than not, so I want to make a real effort here just to send out the message that you CAN feel GOOD. I have carved out my own path on the road of lyme disease, and for the past few months I have been feeling much better. This week I was able to  work four days! I even got my first paycheck in about five years. It’s a super small one, but still, yay.  Just two months ago I felt like I was on my death bed, and I’m not saying my current state is permanent, but I have learned to FULLY live when you get the gift of energy. So that’s what Im doing..living. It took about a month and a half of being back on my doxy protocol, combined with colloidal silver this time, to really start feeling better. For those of you who are interested, I am including a complete list of my current protocol, which is keeping me well above 70%, for now anyway, things can always change with lyme.

My Treatment protocol:

100 mg doxycycline 2x daily

2 nystatin 2x daily (keeps me yeast free without toxic effects of diflucan)

T3, bio-identical thyroid replacement

Bee venom therapy

colloidal silver, about three tablespoons a day

probiotic therapy, two supplements and yogurt daily

Palliative Care (also very important for quality of life!):

Darvocet (for pain, I have found it to be the best choice, mild but effective)

robaxin (for muscle spasms, as needed)

xanax (to sleep at night)

I think the key to the “lyme climb” is consistency and persistence. If one thing doesn’t work either rethink it or try something else, but DON’T give up. For example, when I started on doxycycline, my doc put me on 300-400 mg a day, and I just couldn’t handle it, and that is how I finally discovered the lower doses over long periods of time, and that is what worked for me.  It is super important to be doing something at all times for the lyme, you just have to find what is right for you. The times I am sickest is when I am taking nothing at all.

Think about palliative care as well, it is a big consideration given the agony lyme disease causes. For years I toughed it out, and the pain just wore me down, making me very depressed. I have used antidepressants for periods of time as well, I only say this here to say they are simply a tool that can help at certain points in time. Also make sure you are taking care of your emotional and spiritual bodies. This is probably more important than anything, as the root cause of all disease is at those levels. Meditation has been a real transformational tool that has helped me in more ways than I can say. Find ways to internal happiness that don’t require the body to be perfect!  http://www.ananda.org/meditation/learn/technique.html