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I had the most incredible experience today. I have been wanting to go to Yoganandaji’s tomb, a place of great spiritual power, but had not made it until today. I thought I was going to a “normal” cemetery with mausoleums that happened to house the body of Paramahansa Yogananda, the great Yogi Avatar who brought Kriya Yoga to the West, as well as a special dispensation about the teachings of Christ.

As soon as I arrived, I knew I had entered a very special place, a place that is not ordinary, or maybe it was even another dimension. An octave in consciousness higher. I was greeted by the sweetest lady at the information booth, in fact everyone I encountered there was exceedingly helpful and nice, giving warm smiles. It is an immense property with multiple buildings and what might be thousands of souls. The energy was peace and it was a land of sprawling green hills glittered with stunning white marble statuary figures, quotes and writings of a spiritual nature, and the most gorgeous trees and views maybe out unto the ocean. She gave me a map which highlighted my route to the “Great Mausoleum”, one of multiple monolithic buildings with extraordinary architecture.

As I slowly set out down the curvy road there was so much beauty to see everywhere you looked. I pulled over multiple times to take in the variety of interesting treasures. There were people doing all sorts of different things, I saw a family all gathering and talking after a funeral for one of their loved ones, I saw a single woman fussing with the flowers at a gravesite. There were flowers on so many of the grave sites, it was clear that this place was alive with energy. I got lost, but enjoyed it. I finally asked one of the care takers if he knew where the Great Mausoleum was, he said, “I’ll show you, follow me”. I followed his truck and he led me right there. It kind of looked like a castle from the outside, with great pillars and made of stone or cement, but very beautiful, also unusual. You don’t expect what you find inside by what the outside communicates, which for me was a special treat, like a little trick so that when you walk inside and experience the breathtaking beauty of a totally different nature it’s fresh and unexpected. This makes it a deep experience, which I came to find out was intentional.

I parked and began to walk up to the main part of the building, which has a courtyard of sorts with a monolithic work of art, the Builders Creed. You must look up at it, it has to be 30 feet tall, you see it and then you are drawn to it, but not quite sure what it is yet. I noticed the statue of two little children looking up at it, them even smaller than I. As if the artist were trying to give you the experience that you are looking down on them, but that perhaps there is something larger looking down upon you at the same time. All while we are looking up at this great stone carving. Definitely a conceptual intention by the artist to give a tangible experience to the viewer regarding perspective and scale.

The Builders Creed

The content of the message was even more profound than the physical structure. It is called “The Builders Creed” which is the declaration and origin story of the man who received a vision to build it. It says the following:

 “I Believe In A Happy Eternal Life.
       I Believe Those Of Us Who Are Left Behind Should Be Glad In The Certain Belief That Those Gone Before, Who Believed In Him, Have Entered Into That Happier Life.
       I Believe, Most Of All, In A Christ That Smiles And Loves You And Me.
       I Therefore Know The Cemeteries Of Today Are Wrong, Because They
Depict An End, Not A Beginning. They Have Consequently Become Unsightly Stone yards Full Of Inartistic Symbols And Depressing Customs; Places That Do Nothing For Humanity Save A Practical Act, And Not That Well.
       I Therefore Prayerfully Resolve On This New Year’s Day, 1917, That I Shall Endeavor To Build Forest Lawn As Different, As Unlike Other Cemeteries As Sunshine Is To Darkness, As Eternal Life Is Unlike Death. I Shall Try To Build At Forest Lawn A Great Park, Devoid Of Misshapen Monuments And Other Customary Signs Of Earthly Death, But Filled With Towering Trees, Sweeping Lawns, Splashing Fountains, Singing Birds, Beautiful Statuary, Cheerful Flowers, Noble Memorial Architecture With Interiors Full Of Light And Color, And Redolent Of The World’s Best History And Romances.

       I Believe These Things Educate And Uplift A Community.
       Forest Lawn Shall Become A Place Where Lovers New And Old Shall Love To Stroll And Watch The Sunset’s Glow, Planning For The Future Or Reminiscing Of The Past; A Place Where Artists Study And Sketch; Where School Teachers Bring Happy Children To See Things They Read Of In Books, Where Little Churches, Triumphant In The Knowledge That From Their Pulpits Only Words Of Love Can Be Spoken; Where Memorialization Of Loved Ones In Sculptured Marble And Pictorial Glass Shall Be Encouraged But Controlled By Acknowledged Artists; A Place Where The Sorrowing Will Be Soothed And Strengthened Because It Will Be God’s Garden. A Place That Shall Be Protected By An Immense Endowment Care Fund, The Principal Of Which Can Never Be Expended—Only The Income Therefrom Used To Care For And Perpetuate This Garden of Memory.
       This Is The Builder’s Dream; This Is The Builder’s Creed.”                                  

I was in tears. I needed to hear this. I needed to know that there are others who hold Love as the highest order of all things. That someone else knew so certainly that death is a beginning he would dedicate his life to creating something so much bigger than him and us. That someone would endeavor to create such a thing as he describes. With all that is happening in our world, all of us effected, all of us dealing with such immense challenges, and with so much hate and destruction happening, my heart needed to have this experience of Divine Grandeur. My heart has been hurting. As I stood looking up at these words and they began to penetrate my heart, I feared I would begin to weep, so I had to gather myself. There was an equally beautiful, marble statue on the other side of the courtyard. Each piece of artwork called me in, asking me, no inviting me to visit and look, then look deeper, be moved.


I finally made my way into the main building and spoke with the guard, he explained that Yogananda’s tomb was in the next building. I asked if I could go inside this main building and he said of course. It was overwhelming, cathedral like ceilings with stained glass of magnificent ornate detail and beauty, a statue of Moses was the first thing I saw.


As I began to walk in, I almost wanted to tip toe to respect the deep silence I was met with. My keys were jangling and I stopped to hold them in a way they wouldn’t make noise, after all this was the resting place many many souls. It is hard to describe the feeling that came over me, it was intense yet calming, the ceilings drew your eyes upward toward the heavenly light shining it’s rays through the ornate stained glass windows.

I walked in further and there were these halls that were many, each with their own art and magnificent beauty behind archways made of stone with ornate details and finishings. There was too much to take in, my senses were overwhelmed. And there was not another soul in there, I was alone with all of this majesty. What is this place I thought to myself, it was so heavenly. I thought of what a great blessing it was for those who were resting here. I was then met with an Angel statue that was massive, maybe it was even 10 feet tall, but also it stood on a great and high stone.

It was time to make my way to the building where Yogananda lay. I entered that building and it was even more magnificent inside than the last. As I walked down the great hall curiously looking for where Yogananda’s tomb my attention was again drawn upward to the great architecture above.

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There was a signpost for Yogananda, he is probably the most visited site there. There were two Yogi’s there in silent meditation. I had hoped to be alone, but was grateful that I could meditate with gurubais, even if we didn’t speak to one another. There it was, the sacred place his body is laid to rest. I was finally there to receive a spiritual blessing from my beloved Guru. To offer my love to him, to God, to Christ. To receive Spiritual nourishment and to cleanse and refresh my heart. I sat in meditation posture on the floor, as there was only a single bench in this particular hall which was already occupied. I prayed deeply for my loved ones, for my karmas and challenges, for our world on fire with the delusion of Maya and the unrewarding path of base materialism. It was a bit surreal knowing that his body was right there, in that wall.

The prayer on the little banner reads: “Lord, may I be able to awaken thy Love in all hearts”

When Yogananda died he was taken to Forest Lawn Mortuary, where to their great surprise his body did not decay. He was so permeated with Divine Love that his fleshly vessel was preserved by the Divine Force. Here is an excerpt from the letter from Forest Lawn Mortuary:

Extracts from Forest Lawn Letter

“The absence of any visual signs of decay in the dead body of Paramhansa Yogananda offers the most extraordinary case in our experience …. No physical disintegration was visible in Yogananda’s body even twenty days after death.  The body was under daily observation at the Mortuary … from March 11, 1952, the day of the last public rites, until March 27, 1952, when the bronze casket was sealed by fire.  During this period no indication of mold was visible on Yogananda’s skin, and no visible desiccation (drying up) took place in the bodily tissues.  This state of perfect preservation of a body is, so far as we know from mortuary annals, an unparalleled one.”

Read more about that here:

After finishing meditating, I took a closer look at the two stained glass windows in this hall. All of the stained glass in the mausoleum halls had the most delightful and profound inscriptions in them.


After my visitation I decided to explore the great hall a bit more, and at the entrance of each of the minor halls which are where the tombs are, there were these marble statues that looked like a book stand with an open book, each with it’s own unique inscription:

This one is at the entrance of Yogananda’s hall
I really love this one

I hope you enjoyed going on my little journey with me, thank you for taking the time to read this. May you find your place of peace, spiritual nourishment, and the refreshing waters of Grace and Holiness that are truly accessible to us at anytime. While having places like this is so important to humanity, it’s also important to remember that we can talk with God anytime, by going within. And as Yogananda says;

“Everything else can wait, but our search for God cannot wait”

Paramahansa Yogananda — “The Last Smile”

To learn more about Paramahansa Yogananda and his teachings I leave you the following links:


My Magical Migraine


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Head pain has always played a role in my strange symptomology the entire time I have had this illness, but they started to become regular, more intense and lasted a really long time. Like I said, after the Cipro poisoning I endured, my nervous system as a whole was not in good shape. The combination of chronic neck pain, the Cipro damage, and then a fender bender that happened in 2017. It was only a slight bump from behind, but I ended up with whiplash that made all of these things worse. I finally considered seeing a chiropractor. I had largely written chiro’s off after many failed attempts at healing my lower back. But I read about whiplash and if you actually work at healing it things can get better, and I knew something must be terribly wrong with my neck, the epicenter of the headaches. I began therapy with an amazing Chiropractor, she took x rays which showed whiplash and that my neck was in bad shape in general. I could see how vertebrae were pressing against each other. She was the type of chiropractor who really cracked you. I had been to so many who use an activator or micro adjustments, but not her, she got in there and cracked it left and right. For the first time in years I could actually move my head normally. I couldn’t turn to the right or left hardly at all before I started getting the adjustments. Oh, the relief, and the confirmation about how much of my pain and neurological problems were coming from the degradation in this hot spot. I continued this for nearly a year and did it multiple times per week. It really helped, especially in the beginning because all of the stuckness that had been removed, but my body couldn’t seem to hold the adjustments. As time went on I would sometimes get more pain after an adjustment, or set off a major headache rather than relieving one.

The next thing I did was a procedure called RFA or Radio Frequency Ablation. This, my friends, is a friend to those in pain. Because of my now reduced ability to take medications, I looked for drugless solutions and found RFA. I found a pain management doctor who performed it and started working with him. It worked amazingly, though it was a process. I highly recommend this for dealing with pain. I recieve treatment several times a year, though I was able to go a year without one this past year, but I think that is due to the help of my yet spoken of mushroom friends.

These measures were helping somewhat, but it seemed nothing would last, but they were helping to manage my pain, the headaches continued to come and go, but mostly come and stay. I broke down in 2018 and finally went to a neurologist. He asked me all kinds of questions about my headaches, ordered MRI’s of my brain and neck, and he suggested I take Riboflavin 400 mg each day for migraine prevention. He asked me if I was experiencing migraine and I asked what is the difference between a headache and a migraine, and he explained that migraines incapacitate you, and I said I think I am having both. My neck MRI showed problems for sure, but nothing surgical. He diagnosed me with Classical Migraine and Chronic Daily Headache. I took the Riboflavin and must say it did help somewhat. The RFA on my neck nerves seemed to help the most, but I still couldn’t escape the cycles and flares, and basically what was a low grade headache all the time, then migraines several times a month.

I did those things for the next year, I tried neck exersizes and massage. I did laser therapy, and something called FSM (frequency specific microcurrent). I gave up ALL caffeine, though I didn’t drink it much anyway at this point. Still the migraines came and stayed, came and went, cycle after cycle, this all on top of managing all of the other symptoms of the systemic diseases of Lyme and ME. Cannabis oil and smoke would help me deal with the pain, but they really weren’t working for eliminating migraines. I don’t actually think it is the best medicine for migraine because of that, though it is palliative in almost any pain scenario. But their intensity started to increase, my vision and balance became involved. I started feeling a lot of vertigo, face pain, and I started to notice that when I would drive the freeway, which was rare, I would start feeling really weird. In the summer of 2019, I was driving to my printers office to drop of some art, I had been fighting through a low grade migraine for days, but needed to get this done. While on the freeway, my vision got distorted, almost tunnel like, and a blank space formed in the middle of my vision. I was really scared, got off the freeway and pulled over wondering what in the actual fudge was going on with my brain. This developed into the worst migraine I had ever had, the intensity was beyond a 10, the back of my head was hot and throbbing in pain, I couldn’t even touch the back of my head to my pillow. I ended up laying in bed, on my side in total darkness for the next few days, praying it would go away, but it didn’t. During this episode, I thought to myself, I might be dying, like if my brain hurts this bad, there has to be injury taking place. And yet again, I felt helpless and desperate for relief. I went back to my neurologist.

This time, he insisted I see an ocular neurologist because of the temporary blindness I experienced. He did more brain scans. My brain shows no abnormality. He explains he wants me to go onto anti-seizure medication, twice a day, and use Imitrex during a migraine. I took the prescriptions home with great hesitation, my doctor understood my sensitivities to drugs, but what else was I going to do? I went to the ocular neurologist, and she is an expert in migraines. She offered Botox, as that is an approved treatment for migraine. I kind of got excited about the Botox, like could we do it for my wrinkles too, lol? She was like oh yeah! She explained to me that it is very important that we get the migraines under control, as every time you have one there is damage being done to your neurons. She said I was experiencing “Aura’s” and Ocular Migraine. I agreed, went home to think about all of these options and even with how bad I was doing, I was so scared to try any new drug and set off yet another Cipro/floxing reaction.

When I was able, I went to the internet to find something, anything I had missed, hadn’t thought of, didn’t know about. I found out all kinds of things about migraine sufferers, that there are many artists and writers that suffered from them. Also, many mystics and saints suffered from migraines and seizures (epilepsy). I have had a deep interest in the lives of saints, and have wondered at the fact that so many of them had severe illness and pain. Or often other types of “trials” they must endure. Carolyn Myss talks a lot about Teresa of Avila, and how many of the mystics did have physical illness because in order to have revelation, to see past the concrete fabric of this reality, to peer into the cosmic abyss and even touch something there or be touched by it, maybe there had to be a sacrifice made on the physical plane. You lose something here, to gain something eternal.

Artists certainly have the ability to touch the eternal, and to bring it back for others. I wanted to see what would happen if I embraced this pain (for the moment) and began a painting. I put on classical music, as I had read that can help with migraines, and decided to do a stream of consciousness painting, just to see what my migraine would tell me if I interacted with it. This was the first layer of that painting and I posted it on facebook, asked folks to pray for me to find healing. Many fellow migraine sufferers said, “hey! that’s what my migraine looks like!” or, “I’ve never seen someone display what a migraine feels like.” This was layer one of this painting, this was my migraine.

As if time was being bent, all of these things seem as though they happened simultaneously. This is where things got weird, in a good way, but definitely really weird. As soon as I had posted my painting, a friend messaged me saying “sending magic”. I thought this was curious. I hadn’t shared anything about my new findings, so what was he saying. I asked for clarification. He said I’m sending you magic mushrooms to heal your migraines. Wait, what…?? I said, “how did you know I was just reading about that and thinking I should try it”…he just said, “The mushrooms told me man!,” as though it was the most obvious thing. Sure enough I had a supply of mushrooms to do a 2 month protocol. Thank you God! This was a divine intervention, as I could feel that energy when the Universe just attends to you and your specific needs. That is called Grace, and I weep in gratitude for it’s presence in my life. I am humbled, I was brought to my knees with the love and power of this synchronistic manifestation. And this wasn’t my first encounter with a mushroom that I liked, and that had plans to heal me.

I began looking into how people were microdosing and there seemed to be 2 basic camps for “protocols” for microdosing. The Stamets protocol and the Fadiman protocol. I decided to use the Fadiman protocol as a guide, which was helpful, but it needs to be personalized to our unique needs. But even with these early pioneers’ experience, I knew I was basically on my own in figuring this out for myself. I accept that, and have been a risk taker my entire life. Mostly out of pure curiosity, but later out of a desperate need to save my brain and make this pain stop. It was decided, I would proceed.

I took my first dose, and from many of the reports online, I expected a boost of energy and creativity and started to work on a new layer of my migraine painting. Within 30 minutes of taking my microdose, I became very tired, I felt slowed down. I put my paints away and layed down. Microdoses are supposed to be what people call “subperceptual”, but I really felt the medicine. Not in a visual or overwhelming way, just my insight became stronger, I could feel biological activity changing and I could feel the presence of the mushroom spirit. They are intelligent, you know? I actually believe they are sentient, and I am not alone in this especially amongst anyone who has experienced them for themselves. I lay on my bed, just allowing the experience wash over me. I started to notice that a lot of pressure was forming in my head. It gradually and slowly became more and more intense, though there was no pain per se. I worried for a moment, did I just take something that would actually cause a migraine? Oh no. The fear of setting off a migraine becomes very real for those of us dealing with migraines. The pressure continued to build, and I just decided that I would trust the process, besides I was committed to whatever outcome it would bring at this point. Finally, all the pressure in my head just felt like someone opened a spicket and it all drained out down into my lower body, and I enjoyed a great relief. All this within the first hour of taking it.

I layed there enjoying a sense of roominess and absence of pressure in my head, something that I had not felt in a very long time. I focused on my internal world, and began to hear the word “Godflowers” over and over and was shown how the mushrooms, but also all of the psychedelic allies are the “flowers of God”. They are a higher order of medicine than anything we know and understand today. They will be the source of healing of untold number of maladies and need to come into the light of day for those who are suffering. We will learn how to harness their substances to create potent medicines, and much of that work is already under way. Just like with the cannabis movement, mushrooms and psychedelics are being legalized and decriminalized in cities across the US. Right now, Oakland, Denver, and Ann Arbor are cities where these substances are decriminalized and the trend is catching on. I saw in Cananda that there are now “Medicinal Mushroom Dispensaries” if you can believe it.

Over the next few weeks I continued to be guided on how to paint the next layer of my migraine painting. I used Anandamayi Ma, the revered Hindu woman saint of India as a reference and began painting what seemed like the healing spirit of the mushroom overlaying itself on the pain I had painted previously. Basically, my painting is a visual representation of the migraine itself, the spirit of the mushroom, and the healing that occurred. Nothing about this painting was intentional, it was all stream of consciousness and guidance. I realized when it was finished that her crown looked like individual mushroom caps which I did not plan at all, but was happy it turned out that way. I had thought of putting in images of mushrooms, but every time I would make that suggestion, the answer was no.

After that first dose, I did not have another migraine of the level I describe here again, and still haven’t. I still had low grade headaches (Chronic Daily Headache), but with each dose I took, I saw improvements in my vision, which was still effected, in the vertigo, and mostly in the pressure and pain. I microdosed 2 times a week for 2 months. I also used an occasional md if I felt a migraine coming on, and it would abort it. After my 2 month protocol, I was headache free for the next six months. I didn’t even have the low grade daily headaches anymore. I still had a million other symptoms I dealt with, but it seemed this miraculous intervention of a medicine of a higher order was actually working, and that is what is most amazing about this story, is that it worked, and worked well!

Out of this process, I was able to create this painting that holds so much meaning, and I hope it can tell the story of the mushroom that heals migraines until this is no longer “hidden” or stigmatized, but seen for what it really is, God’s divine mercy in the form of a natural substance on the earth, one that man in his arrogance sees fit to deem “illegal.” The time has come for change.

Featured here: “Godflowers” my finished original painting.

“Love Lives Here”


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I have to let you go, and not just in a saying way. But in that deep space within, way down low, in the place where the ego can’t go to distort or disrupt things. The place inside myself where all the love I’ve had cannot be corrupted and from what I can tell lives on eternally regardless of changes in the outer world.

This is my work right now. I bring myself back to this conclusion as many times as it takes, and it hasn’t taken yet. This is because I didn’t get to say goodbye.

Since there is no removing the love, and to remember that love is not pain. Then the pain I am feeling must be something else, something other than the love itself. So what is it? The ongoing remembrances, the flashes of pain through my chest that are entirely more physical than one would imagine. The thoughts that lead me beyond that impermeable wall that now lives between us. Erected over night with no prior notice.

Sometimes I look at the wall and think of ways to get beyond it. But I cannot corrupt the very thing I prayed for you to have. All of the things which I cannot give you, that she can.

So upon that wall, which I cannot pass, and should not pass, I will simply write,
“Love lives here”. In Graffiti of course. And that’s my love for you and your love for her and while we are here on this earthly plane those two things look different. But in the deep down place, as well as that place Most High, they are the same.

A Poem by Lisa Fern Sikes



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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that the information I have shared helps you in some way along your healing path. I now have a shop where you can purchase my original artwork, high vibe resale items, and handcrafted unique gifts. Please consider visiting, sharing, or buying from my shop to help me along my own healing journey.


Many Blessings,

Lisa Fern Sikes

Wim Hof Method: Great Starter Video


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Meditations On The Rooms of Your Soul by Caroline Myss


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