it could be today
that the life you dreamed brings tinkling frenzies
and bare naked ladies and you become as strong as the
giant who climbed mt vesuvius
you sit in your splendor and encourage the wonder of
others to
explode and live long in a veggie cafe
where bean balls and soup shine with
healing, and the kind we don’t need anymore
but take just in case

I’ll call you from my villa on some tropical isle
with sheer white fabric dancing in the wind and
I can see the sea straight through my tiki treasure
where all of me lives and dreams come true
I invite you for tea with me and the dream keeper
we will sip cups of steamy mystical wonder
and figure out ways to keep dancing monkeys from
pooping on the white island furniture…that is our
greatest concern…ahhhh
breath deep at the thought of that.
free in all ways, enlightened and all. I pause and
wonder what travel agency can book me a flight.

As my soul takes over I start to cry
everything is so deep and all of the time
I invite eleven wise men to the house of advice
Let go and know the magic
they speak to me in a crimson loud voice they want me
to hear
they rewind my life right in front of me and show me
all the times
they sprinkled me with giggles and soulful
It moves me and I must know what I am here for
Please tell me, reveal the secret, open the sacred
let me know

It became quiet and the Ivy grew
I awake floating on a lake with a blanket of fog
and my pillow of squirrels scurry away
thanking the nature I walk on water up to the shore
all of my cells talk to me and I know
A little magical curly haired girl runs up to me
with the moment in her hands and wants to tell me a
she whispers to me my deepest desires
and dissapears into the forevermore with no promise of
tomorrow or returns
I sit with myself knowing more than before

You’ve been talking with the dream keeper for hours at
this point
as I return
you look wiser and are filled with joy
We all sit with the warm and fuzzys and speak with our
Its been a journey through the dryest of deserts where
the sand
burns our feet and the dust aims for our eyes
rescued by the rabbit hole that falls through the sky
we ended up here
you with your suitcase of support and encouraging
and me under an umbrella of promise and new things

A Poem by Lisa Sikes