What I Learned From My Social Work Degree

I learned how to play well with others, even, well especially, with the most difficult kids in the sand box

I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who want to make this world a better place; they just have different ways of doing it

I’ve learned that listening is usually a bigger gift than talking and that hearing someone is even better

I’ve learned that we all have a story to tell, and that sometimes being heard is all it takes to heal

I’ve learned that our own empowerment and personal growth is the soil in which the sweet fruits of helping others’ will flourish

I’ve learned that creating boundaries with doors that you can open and close are better than walls

And that sometimes the word “no” can be a complete sentence

I’ve learned that I’m not always right and that being right isn’t even that important!

I’ve learned there are more than six colors in the rainbow and they all just want to be loved

I’ve learned that diversity is what all human beings have in common

I’ve learned that Spirit led me into the best profession on earth, one whose “soul” purpose is service to others

I’ve learned that a t-shirt that says “been there, done that” will always outweigh a diploma

And that a life deeply touched is more powerful than an “A”

I’ve learned to suspend judgment, and to fill in the gap with compassion

I have learned that it is better to work toward social justice than to fight for it; because fighting is usually part of the problem

With that being said, I know there will always be times when standing up for justice will call the courageous to look fear and opposition directly in the eyes, and for those times social workers should remember to keep always our ringers on!

A Poem by Lisa Sikes

This poem is dedicated to the UNLV BSW class of 2009, to all of our professors, and to the clients we serve.