I live life in phases,

I like fresh starts

when i hold out my hand to the flapping mouth made circles out of

zimbabwe lampshades

and hold hand me downs on their land and their bodies

things get for a moment worse

god damn go away noise, and leave me in the shade

The masters came to tell me im awake, and i have to mop the floor

and that i also have to go to school on monday

Text books closed and sold back

the pen in my hand does all the talking

would whats inside of me be enough to forever fill my future with experience

could whats already in here churn out different events


one after the other

other after the one

I want more choices

not one or the other, all or none

or even some

but a choice I have not yet understood and cannot now comprehend

that would twist my mind like roots of the general sherman tree

like the spiral shaped bacteria that has been killing me

it would send me south and keep me searching

but the answers would be in reach

and it wouldn’t be 2+2 or 3+1

which both equal 4, but you already knew that, it’s a common earthly fact

which is why it would not be in my new collection of choices

a toychest of mind treasures made deep by the sunken sea

our minds would make friends with the rest of ourselves and start sailing

we would leave gilligans isle, we would triumph over the others

we would not have a commune but a community

people would not have lives but would live lives

and america would not be free the whole world would be

so speak out your humble truth, but be ware it has side effects

law of unintended consequenses and 1st ammendment fences

I cannot say something that you don’t already know

because the law of limitless has passed its time in your soul