The flight of the message

Just in the delirium of a citrus night I naturally wonder about space and time

My creative heart throbs with chocolate wine

It cries out to the blind night of the world and loves open ears

I hone in astral creations that beg for expression and listen to the art of the ants

What could I possibly add to the complexity of your highest wishes

I am drunk and dancing in the music of my mind that sings out to similar souls

With the fears of my diminishing senses I deeply begin experience that matters

I hope for the souls I know and wish them a life that is worth it

I say things that can only come from the inhibition of headphones and heart

Blessings that are so salient breathe in front of faces that wish they had more

I link together my endings and beginnings and run through the revolving doors

Of predictable experiences

I haven’t been surprised in a while and that doesn’t surprise me

But your story has a twist I don’t yet know of and haven’t yet imagined

Today I became a magician that ruled the table of Bethlehem and prayed in a mosque

The upside down tomato trees hung from the heart of the deep-eyed woman who no one sees

She makes lovely a place of rest where the grapes glow with light and expectations are abandoned

The migration of the ravens painted the sky with an I told you so from the universe

And a point in the right direction

Their upward location aligned my spine with the sky

Clasped in their claws was a message in a bottle and the burden of their wings was like nothing ive seen

A stringless diorama with a message for the world I knew their wings would flap until it was ready to be heard

One bird stopped to sqwak and told me the truth

She said she was tired of her endless flight that started before stars

She knew she wasn’t supposed to and she looked around to see who was watching

After she told me I said I already knew

That I live on the razors edge and know that we came here to be who we already are

That in the spiritual eye lies a gateway in the shape of a star and that we are almost ready

She pressed her beak to my lips and my silence became our song

We shared in each other and felt the beginning of time run through our veins

We were both very tired and took comfort in our commiserated quarantine

As our time together came to an end she placed her weathered wing inside my hand

Looking in my eyes she unloaded her endlessness into my expansion and rejoined her flock

With a zest of newness under her wings she forged to the front of her flying friends

She had a message to deliver

When they asked her how she knew, she said, “a little person told me”

A Poem by Lisa Sikes