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A Love Note to my fellow medicine men and woman


The “others” are beginning to come out of their caves and down from the high planes and quietudes of the montain ranges and peaks. The Masters of tomorrow are coming from the valley of the shadow of death into the daylight of this dimension to sing their medicine to the people connected by strings of light to exact our roles in geometric formation sacred beyond the times of the ancients. I danced in a pow wow from 10,000 years ago to which I belonged. I was home with the ancestors. Viva the ancestors!  I see you. I love you. I  honor you. The Awakening was a seed I had faith in, but now it is a strong seedling with roots that are spreading with strength and swiftness across the landscape of consciousness. Water. Nourish. Build. The medicine people are back and to you all I offer a song of gratitude and a feather from White Hawk medicine for your alters. As your songs are why I can live and take one more step forward with a shining heart.


Inspired by “Build a bridge” by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People….loving their music and message