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cannaleafCannabis use is a Process, not a silver bullet. But it is a worthy process to go through.

My journey with cannabis for lyme began about 7 years ago, and about 3 years ago I learned about the oil (you can read my article Cannabis Oil, Shifting the Paradigm below) Since then, much has been experienced and learned. I began the first facebook lyme and cannabis group in 2013 and we have since gathered a tremendous amount of information, as well as there are now other groups for lyme and cannabis hard at work gathering more. Due to a very long and in depth journey with this healing plant, much wisdom and information about the process of using it has been gained, however, there is no “perfect formula” or “standardized treatment” for using cannabis.

Currently I am only smoking cannabis and using a transdermal preparation. I still must take breaks from treatment with the oil itself due to herx reactions, which is where I am at now, on a break. But I continue to heal. Even with cannabis it is a deep spiritual, physical, and emotional process, not a quick fix. It is better to learn your way by developing a relationship with the energy of the plant and with your own body and your own intuition than to follow any one’s rules for using it, though initial research and guidance from more experienced users (best to find others using it for lyme) are a good way to find starting guidelines. Lyme does not neatly fit into the cannabis protocol developed by Rick Simpson (please do not attempt that type of dosing), nor do we do well with the solvent he uses, from what I have seen over time. Cannabis has not cured me, but continues to help me. And with lyme we need all of the non-harmful help we can get. I believe that managing symptoms and discomfort are as important as battling the disease itself. I no longer subscribe to a “grin and bare it” attitude about herxing.

There are many emotions that arise when utilizing cannabis, and this is a very important piece of the healing puzzle. Working with our emotions, past memory, trauma, fear, anxiety, and bad habits are fundamental to the process of healing lyme. I have often seen many who feel the strong emotions that arise when using cannabis and think they are a “side effect” and I do not think this is the case. I think it is more a matter of the latent emotions which are stored “come up” for purification. And in this sense I have experienced cannabis as a strong emotional healer as well as a fine physical companion.

Cannabis can be used for lyme in so many ways, it is not limited to smoke. It can be used as multiple types of oils, infusions as well as concentrates. It can be vaporized, used transdermally, it can be eaten in foods, and it can be used raw by juicing the leaves of the plant (though this has proven to be the most difficult to access).

Cannabis continues to bring me comfort, ease, support, healing, and relief from suffering. It helps me sleep better, eat better, and de-stress. It is a blessing on this very difficult journey. I encourage anyone who is beginning their path to learn as much as they can, and to really rely on the advice of others with lyme who are experienced in using cannabis second only to their own inner guidance and intuition. Go slow, start slow, remember it is a process and respect the potency and the power of the medicine. Taking breaks is ok. I do it all the time and find “pulsing” the medicine to be best for me, that may not be true for  you, and you should do what your body needs. The links below should help you along your journey and orient you to some of the general yet progressive cannabis info.

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