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What is Tinnitus?



MEDICINE:  1. ringing or buzzing in the ears.
Like many others with Lyme I developed one of the worst symptoms of the disease, unrelenting tinnitus. I had to find a way to deal with this as it was driving me crazy. I found an article online about a doctor who discovered that enzymes taken in high doses for at least 3 weeks can reduce the noise to a tolerable level and sometimes rid you of the annoying symptom altogether. Even though I wanted total healing, I would settle for the noise reduction. I began a protocol of 10 Wobenzym pills 3 times a day for about one month. It worked for me! I have no ties whatsoever to this company. I only share this freely for the benefit of the suffering souls out there. Later I began to experiment with cannabis oil and discovered that Rick Simpson, the man who popularized cannabis oil, took it for severe tinnitus. He had tried everything the doctors gave him, and he wanted to die because of how severe this noise was. He was healed with cannabis oil. I still have it, but at levels low enough I can live with it. When it gets aggravated or a little too high, I just go back onto the Wobenzym protocol. I will include a link to an article explaining Wobenzym for tinnitus and the Rick Simpson video, Run From the Cure.


Simple cure for tinnitus article:


Rick Simpson: Run From the Cure – His journey began because of intolerable tinnitus.


I haven’t tried this yet, but I think I will as my tinnitus does come back strong once in a while, plus my new found love of homeopathy has given me an optimism about how effective it can be. Here is a link to homeopathic remedies that may help tinnitus:


A new technique on Reddit for tinnitus! Worth a try.

 A new “thing” I just heard about: Not tested by me